1. What is Transportx.com?

Transportx.com is an online transportation platform that gathers loaders and carriers under a single market place.

2. How can I become a member?

Visit www.transportx.com and click on "Online Application" button, fill the form and wait for our call for confirmation.

3. How much is the membership fee?

  • System serves free for Loader Companies.
  • If you are Forwarder or Carrier company, you can use the free trial for 30 days. After free trial, if you want to use the system, you have to choose membership type and pay system usage fee.

4. How can I find suitable vehicles for my loads?

There are two ways to find vehicles;

  • First, after activation, you can go to “Search Empty Leg” tab and search empty vehicles, send request to them for your load.
  • Second, you can post your load details on the board and wait for competitive freight offers from different transportation companies or forwarding companies.

5. Am I allowed to post my truck’s empty returns?

If your account type is "Transportation Company" or "Forwarder Company", you can post your empty returns and partial availabilities and receive more load requests.

6. How can I find new loads via system?

You can check load board and view details of the posts and send your offers or you can post your empty returns more often and wait for new load requests.
Also if you define your regular routes, your company will be listed in results of company searches if it is matches with routes and you will start to receive more loading requests.

7. Does system serve only for road transportation?

At the moment system has roadway, seaway and airway transporters. New updates are coming quite soon. System will provide solutions for railway transportation too. Also our forwarder companies offers their services for all types of needs together with road transportation.

8. Which conditions are required to become a member?

You should provide below documents depending your company status;

  • For Turkish international transportation companies; C1/C2 license
  • For Turkish domestic transportation companies; K1/K2 license
  • For Foreign Transportation companies; Transportation License or Insurance Certificate
  • For Turkish Forwarding companies; R1/R2 license or Company Trade License
  • For Foreign Forwarding Companies; Transportation License or Company Trade License

9. How can I cancel my membership?

You are allowed to cancel your membership anytime you wish. Only thing you should do is contacting to our customer services via phone or send e-mail about the subject to info@transportx.com.